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Engagement FAQs


What is the “Corporate Sponsorship Program"?

The “Corporate Sponsorship Program” is designed to provide companies an opportunity to become involved with and strengthen ties to the community where they do business while assisting the Registrar of Voters increase awareness for the need of Vote Center Customer Service Representatives.


Do You Have Election Education Programs?

Yes. Our voter education programs include information on registering, voting, and more. In addition to conducting and attending events, webinars and Podcasts are available online.


How Do I Request the Registrar Of Voters to Make a Presentation or Attend a Group Event?

Our Speaker Request section allows you to request a variety of speakers on numerous election topics.


May I See Your Event Schedule?

Our Community Engagement section contains our outreach calendar as well as detailed info on our outreach activities.


Do You Meet With Community Groups?

Yes. The Registrar of Voters has a diverse Community Election Working Group that meets every quarter. This advisory group provides feedback to the Registrar of Voters on a variety of election topics. Our Community Election Working Group section allows you to explore all of the details.


As a Member of a Business or Community Organization, How Do I Partner With Your Office?

You may access information about becoming a corporate sponsor in our Corporate Sponsorship section and find many ways to partner with our office using no-cost sponsorship solutions.


How Do I Receive Updates on Registrar Of Voters’ News and Information?

We provide free delivery on a variety of election related content, such as newsfeeds, newsletters, podcasts, videos and more. Sign up today!


Does the Registrar Of Voters Have a Social Media Presence?

Yes, we do! We provide detailed information on our social media activity as well as many ways to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in our Social Media section.