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Post Election Rundown: 174 observers, 1 million ballots and provisionals

November 16, 2016 - It has been eight days since Election Day and here's the latest on our post election operations:

In recent days we have had up to 174 observers on-site at a single time, observing the post election ballot counting and processing. With two of the closest state legislative races in California we understand why - many processing stations have dozens of observers. As of this evening we have processed over 1 million ballots (nearly 51,000 today) - that number will continue to rise as we finish the last of the vote-by-mail ballots (approximately 25,000). What's remaining are the last ballots that were received as eligible in the three days following November 8th and ballots that need repair, duplication, etc.

As of this evening we have processed nearly 9,000 provisional ballots (with 3,500 of those posted as votes in this evening's update). Provisional processing will continue to climb daily as operators slowly speed up their throughput - this will continue daily (except on Sunday).

We have sorted provisional ballots by cities and districts and we are currently processing the 65th Assembly District and the 29th Senate District. These districts take in a large portion of the north central part of the County (which includes several cities).

You can view a breakdown of our estimates of how many ballots are left to count by visiting our website at