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Election Academy


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The Orange County Election Academy is a great way to discover how elections are produced amidst an environment where transparency is a critical component. Our unique program offers a broad range of election specific sessions. As a result we have developed a curriculum to match our award-winning operations. We're committed to making elections in Orange County the highest quality and our Election Academy reflects these values.

We offer up-to-the-minute details about the specific dates, times and length of each class. We hold all of the sessions in the evening, making it easy on individuals working so that they can attend all sessions.

Due to the composition of the courses and the format of the program the Registrar of Voters requires mandatory attendance at all sessions. Although students may not pick and choose which classes to take there are limited exceptions. For the full experience it is important to attend every class. There is no cost to attend the Election Academy - it is a complimentary program provided by the Orange County Registrar of Voters. Those interested in applying for the Election Academy must first read details on the application process and complete an application form. 

For additional details call 714-567-5197, or download a free brochure describing the program in detail.