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Keeping Your Registration Up-to-Date

Life Changes Require a Voter Registration Update
You may have recently moved, became married, or want to change your political affiliation (party).  We've made this process easy for you - a quick re-registration will take care of these important changes. You may also make any other change to your voting record, such as mailing address, email address and language preference. 

Re-register to vote now using the online tool ►

Changes to Your Voting Record Other Than Name, Party and Address
You may need to change or remove your telephone number, your email address, update language preferences, add a mailing address or simply correct a name spelling, but do not wish to re-register online. You can also update your preference to receive sample ballots in the mail. These are easy-to-do and do not require a new registration.

Update or correct information on your voter record ►

Request Certified Copy of Voter Registration
You may need a certified copy of your voter registration due to a marriage or divorce, student loan application, verification of residency, or other important reasons. We can help - our online tool will allow to make this request. Plus you'll be able to pay the fee online - saving you a trip to our office.

Request certified copy of voter registration ►

Voter Registration Cancellations
Only a voter can request that their registration be cancelled - this is an important protection to protect against abuse of voter name removals. You may not want to be registered anymore, or you may have recently moved. Regardless of the reason with just a few clicks we will cancel your registration.

Cancel your voter registration ►

Someone Else Registered at Your Address
Many times voters will not notify our office of a change in their address. While we make every effort to verify these new addresses through other methods sometimes there is no other data available. If you are receiving election material for someone who is not living at your address let us know.

Notify us about voters not living at your address ►

Notify Us About Deceased Voters
In the unfortunate instance of the death of an individual you may notify our office so that we can remove the voter from the voter list. Your notification will assist us in maintaining an up-to-date voter list at all times.

Learn more about cancellation of deceased voters ►